Who are the descendants of the 21 families¬† (Andreeff, Braetsky, Dannilov, Dournovo – leader not included in 21 families, Gostenko, Kaelokov-Safonev, Klopkov, Kozansky, Lebedkin, Lenshakov, Mihailoff, Mirolocbev, Mishalev, Paltev, Polushin, Sharigin, Sideroff, Starosadtchev, Tarasev, Tchirkev, Velinkin, Vodokiko) that began their Canadian life in Homeglen, AB? If you think you might be a descendant or you know someone who has mentioned a beginning like those of the Russian refugees, use the contact form to connect with the author. You’ll receive a reply to bring you into the circle.

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