Who are the descendants of the 21 families  (Andreeff, Braetsky, Dannilov, Dournovo – leader included in 21 families, Gostenko, Kaelokov-Safonev, Klopkov, Kozansky, Lebedkin, Lenshakov, Mihailoff, Mirolocbev, Mishalev, Paltev, Polushin, Sharigin, Sideroff, Starosadtchev, Tarasev, Tchirkev, Velinkin, Vodokiko) that began their Canadian life in Homeglen, AB? If you think you might be a descendant or you know someone who has mentioned a beginning like those of the Russian refugees, use the contact form to connect with the author. You’ll receive a reply to bring you into the circle.

As of 1977, the start of the family of Andrei had 211 descendants from roughly 1820. His grandson Felep, of the Andriev family has his family tree listed in the next menu. Your family tree is welcomed.

Technical specifics: If you have a similar family tree to share, please use the portrait layout. The Andrei family tree was simply a picture taken by an iPhone. It is that simple to share.