A Sixty Year Post-indentured Era of Russian History

Author and historian Merry Fowler (nee Andreeff) did a deep drive into her family’s Russian history in her 1995 self-published work called Ever Eastward, Ever Hopeful. (Merry is William’s (Bill) daughter, Gregorie’s granddaughter. – See family tree: )

What follows is a 207-page account of Russian life from the mid-1800’s to the beginnings of the Russian revolution. Families like the Polushins, Osokins, Mishukoffs, Troitskys, Sidoroffs, Andreeffs and Dournovos all lived this history. They had hoped being so far east from the centre of political turmoil they might be spared from the troubles. History proved them wrong. Another move eastward would ultimately lead them to Canada. This is a treasure-trove of information for future generations searching for their past! Enjoy: Ever Eastward, Ever Hopeful Thank you to Melanie Hansen for providing this material.

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