Kosheiff Nasedkin – A Family History – Part One

Valerie Leah (Boyd) Thiessen provides a master class in family history presentations. If history is meant to be shared, Kosheiff Nasedkin – A Family History does so with flair. In this first of three parts, the common thread of Russians moving from west to east repeats itself. The story is different but the theme is the same, good people are forced from their country by brutal repression. To begin this engaging story, click on this shared link below. (If you encounter difficulty, ask for the file to be shared and the administrator will oblige.)


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  1. William Pete Dechant

    Excellent! Is this story going to be available in printed format.. a book? If it is I would be interested and would gladly pay for any costs to print and mail. (I don’t have a printer and love books!)

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