This blog has become a repository of fine Russian refugee historical works. All of them paint the same picture of movement of people across a nation in torment. Their perspectives are different, but the passion is the same – how to find freedom in a new land? One book extensively used in writing The Russian Refugees was Polly Elder’s All This Shall Pass. It is truly a masterpiece with vivid portrayals of personal family experiences. Combined with the other stories we have provided previously; it adds texture and context to the early days of the Russian refugees. It is with great delight I announce the author Polly Elder has granted permission to share her work as others have done. Descendants of our forefathers will now possess a library of family history second to none. The story has a PDF format accessible below, AND through this link. The reader can sign in for a free account on this site. It may take a little extra time, but access will be granted to the full text.

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